Providing you a full range of therapeutic healing arts, both pre and post operatively, to minimize recovery time and maximize your surgery results.

From pre surgery consultation and preparation to scar management and surgical rehabilitation, our mission is to ease and optimize your recovery process. Utilizing selective massage techniques and therapeutic modalities, we partner with you as your body self-corrects. Together, we will help to relieve pain, minimize swelling, bruising, and most importantly, soften and/or mitigate lumping. Our experience includes facial surgeries as well as those to the body.

Healing Modalities May Include:

  • Ultrasound — an inaudible, acoustic vibration of high frequency that produces a thermal or heating effect. Ultrasound aids in increasing cell membrane permeability for soft tissue healing and repair. Ultrasound is used in a variety of ways, from facial scarring to mastectomy, capsular contractures and beyond.
  • Iontophoresis — an active transdermal drug delivery system that deliversions of drugs and/or saline through the skin using an electric current. Iontophoresis is effective in reducing pain, inflammation and in softening young, malleable scar adhesions.
  • Endermologie — a mechanical massage device that increases circulation by 400%. The resulting hyper-oxygenation of cells promotes flushing of the inflammation process while also healing, lifting, tightening and toning skin.
  • Myofascial Release massage, Nerve Desensitization, Nerve Re-education, Yamuna Body Rolling and silicone gel sheeting all contribute to making your outcome beautiful!


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